Betting on Asian Totals and Asian Handicap Odds

Last updated on 十二月 27th, 2021

If you already know the main betting odds such as fractional, decimal, and moneyline odds and how it works in sports betting, then it will be easy for you to understand and use  other types of betting systems such as Totals (Over/Under)Asian Handicap.


Many bookmakers provide Asian odds and totals such as the bookies available on VOdds. Our partners offer the best betting odds and lines for three major sports – football, tennis, and basketball!


In this article, we will take a closer look at several important aspects of Asian Totals and Asian Handicaps and how they differ. 


Main Types of Asian Odds


Newbie punters can get confused about the terms “Asian Handicap” and “Asian Total”. What are the main differences between these outcomes? First, there are three main Asian odds that differentiate bookmakers. These include:


  • Hong Kong odds
  • Malaysian odds
  • Indonesian odds


Hong Kong odds differ from the usual outcome in that they are capable of showing full profit without taking into account the amount of bets. The outcome is recorded in the form of decimals instead of fractions, and it’s the simplest of all formats.


For example, if the odds are a decimal lower than 1, and you bet on the favourite team, you will win back less than 1 for each unit that you bet. And if the odds are exactly 1, you will win the same amount of money. For odds that are above 1, then you will win more than 1 for every unit that you bet if your selection wins.


Malaysian odds, on the other hand, is in the decimal format as well and can be either:


  1. Negative
  2. Positive


If the outcome is negative, then it is able to show the size of the total potential win when you bet on one unit. In case of a positive outcome, the outcome shows the amount of the required bet amount to win.


And lastly, the Indonesian odds. There are also negative and positive outcomes on this type of odds. 


Fun fact: Indonesia introduced the Asian handicap betting system in football, wherein teams are handicapped based on their form. Stronger teams will be pushed to win more goals so that punters who will bet on them will win. 


This works a little bit like the other ones – when the coefficient has a minus (-) sign or symbol, you need to put money that will allow you to get one unit of profit. This is where you handicap a team according to their form to gain advantage for your selected team to win.


Bookmaker quotes with a plus (+) sign indicate the probable profit for a one-unit bet. This system of betting odds seems complicated only at first glance. But in fact, with more experience, and with a more confident approach, it will allow you to gain a good amount of profit in the long run.


It is also important to note that Asian odds are divided into multiples of fractions (0.25) and whole numbers. In general, the scheme has a similar structure with the usual totals and handicaps.

Asian handicapped sports give off a much more focused purpose and flexible outcomes that professional cappers like to use. If you want to make money while betting on sports, use VOdds and our partnered Asian bookies can definitely help you out in winning the game.


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