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One Efficient Football Betting Platform - The Smarter Way to Bet

As the provider of the next generation football betting platform, we pride ourselves in delivering everything you need to take your sports betting into a higher level!

Vodds is the latest Asian handicap betting platform offering aggregated real-time odds and limits from a comprehensive list of difficult to reach Asian bookies. The continuously growing list of bookmakers includes Pinnacle Sports, SBOBET, MaxBet, and many more. As a reliable Asian sportsbooks aggregator, our customers freely enjoy the use of our platform and its impressive features without hidden charges and minimum deposit.

Want to know the smarter way to bet?

Having access to multiple sportsbooks using a single account multiplies your betting opportunities. Be able to line shop and compare odds from a diverse list of sportsbooks in just one Football betting platform. The best odds at a particular time will be shown; all bets will then be placed with the respective bookmakers through the platform. No need to login to multiple direct accounts!

Why trade with VOdds ?

Single wallet across all sportsbooks

Aggregated odds with low spread from all major Asian sportsbooks

High liquidity in more than 2000 pre-game and in-running events weekly

Leveraged sports betting allows you to maximise your returns

Stop loss and limit win functions to limit exposure and to exit positions at opportune time

Guaranteed stop function to put an absolute limit to downside risks, eliminating slippage

Multiple strategies to close outstanding positions

Future order to fulfill your trading needs

24/7 customer service and deposit/withdrawal

Manage your high-frequency trading using our sports betting API

Our Order Options

A Normal Order is basically an instruction to place bet on a selected type for a specific stake and odds immediately. Users are not required to fill in the odds and VOdds can automatically place bets on the best odds available. The profit and loss will depend on the results of the event.

Our Positional Order is a strategic feature available to users that allows them to bet on a selection and exit the position when odds move in their specified direction. With the Stop Loss and Limit Win functions, users are able to lock in profits when odds move in their favour or limit their losses when odds move against them. It also gives users leverage of up to 10 times their credit amount. In other words, a $100 credit can allow you to bet up to $1000. This feature is similar to a "Long" or "Short" position in the equities market.

The Future Order is an option for traders who prefer to bet only on specific prices, and quantitative analysts who use a set of pre-determined prices to trade. It essentially grants users to place a bet at a hitherto unavailable odds, which are automatically carried out for trade once the requested odds become available. It also allows users to specify the validity of the order which is advantageous to enter or exit a trade accordingly.

What methods of payment does VOdds accept?


Important Note: There is a minimum turnover requirement depending on the funding method of your choice. Customers who do not meet the minimum requirement are subject to withdrawal fees.

Kick off your football trading by completing your application requirements asap!

If you have further questions, fill out the contact form or coordinate with us through email, WhatsApp, Skype, or Live Chat