Carl Froch’s fight fixing scandal

Carl Froch's Fight Fixing Scandal

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

The revelations of Carl Froch’s fight fixing scandal first came into the spotlight when he released his autobiography back in 2012.


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The fight in question was his 2005 fifth round knockout of Ruben Groenewald, which he stated he let go into the fifth so his family and friends could win their bets. When speaking to the BBC back about the topic, Froch’s comments made for interesting listening.


“I’ve done it on more than one occasion and it was round five but that’s not illegal. I can say, ‘right, I’ll stop this kid in round five’. If I’m good enough to do that then fair enough. I don’t gamble but my brothers and my friends, they did quite well off it,” he asserted.


“I can openly say that because if I’m good enough to step on the gas in round five and force the stoppage then that’s my privilege, and that’s what I did in this particular fight at the Arena for the Commonwealth title defence.”


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While it wasn’t a full blown match fix, as there was no predetermined discussion between the fighters, it still left a bad taste in the mouths of many. His statements also landed him in front of British Boxing Board of Control to discuss the situation.


Although nothing really came from it, the whole saga certainly wasn’t a good look for the star Englishman, who did admit it was a mistake while trying to defend himself by saying his comments shouldn’t have been taken seriously.


Despite this being an unfortunate happening, it didn’t harm his reputation too severely, for the now retired Froch is fondly remembered as a brilliant world champion.


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