2007 NBA Betting Scandal

2007 NBA Betting Scandal

Last updated on January 6th, 2022

The 2007 NBA betting scandal certainly rocked the basketball world, when it was uncovered that referee Tim Donaghy gathered information on players, teams, coaches and other referees to bet on matches.


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The scandal incredibly also involved two of his friends. Firstly, there was Jimmy Battista, who placed the bets. And secondly, Tommy Martino, who was tasked with carrying the money and transferring information to and from Donaghy.

When it all came out, Donaghy was found guilty of betting on games, including some he refereed, and exchanging insider information he gathered to gamblers for money.


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In doing so, this was a clear violation of NBA rules. The New York Times’ article detailed the massive amount he was earning over the four years he was involved in the scandal, which stated: “He was paid to make picks on games, initially earning $2,000 for each correct pick and later $5,000, according to court records.”


Suffering from a severe gambling addiction, this obviously caused shockwaves, with many not expecting Donaghy, who’d officiated NBA games for 13 years, to be capable of such acts.


After being convicted, he would serve 15 months in prison for his actions, which he later admits to regretting. Since then there’s been a film which features his story and he’s even written a book called “Personal Foul” which offers plenty of insight into the drama.


Although the scandal is now well and truly in the past, it certainly tarnished the NBA’s name and shone the spotlight on the corruption that can occur through gambling at the time.


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