Chasing Steam

Chasing Steam

Last updated on November 8th, 2021

As with anything in the world of sports betting, you need to make sure you understand it before putting any money down. This certainly applies to our next focus topic – the strategy of chasing steam.


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The description offered by Online Betting sums up chasing steam aptly by stating: “A steam move is a drastic change in the sports betting marketplace that occurs as the result of heavy betting action.”



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Usually instigated by professional bettors staking a large amount of money on a particular event in a short period of time, thus making bookmakers move their line accordingly. Key to being a success here is obviously getting your bet placed before the line changes, so if you notice it change on one bookmaker, you’ll want to move quickly to see if another bookie hasn’t yet picked up on this.


When chasing steam, you’ll need to be very awake to market changes and frequently be checking the odds so you can take advantage and gain an edge. On top of swiftly spotting when to bet, you’ll also need to make sure you have money available with a few different outlets so you’re in a prime position to rapidly place your bet.



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Needing you to be super diligent and able to devote plenty of time, chasing steam is certainly not a feasible strategy for everyone. But for those who are willing to keep a close eye on the market and can dedicate themselves to line changes, it can produce some positive results.


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