The Effects of the Pandemic in the Online Sports Betting Industry

The Effects of the Pandemic in the Online Sports Betting Industry

Last updated on January 6th, 2022

It is undeniable that the past few months have taken a toll on the gambling and betting industry. Because of the outbreak, many gambling venues were forced to close. Thus, resulting in a huge drop in betting and wagers. But one notable fact that can be seen from these changes is with the online sports betting industry.


COVID and Gambling

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According to several reports, there has been a rise in some fields of online gambling. As shown in the graph above, although the betting revenues have dropped, the crisis will lead to an increase in profits for the online sports betting industry. Research has also shown that the global health crisis has paved the way for migration from offline to online gambling.


Young Punters


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The Convenience of a Sportsbooks Aggregator


With many opting to gamble online, one tedious task punters often find frustrating is when they have to have multiple accounts in several betting sites for their wagers. To eliminate this time-consuming task, a sportsbook broker aggregator can help you out. They will collect odds from their partnered sportsbooks so you won’t have to create accounts for many bookies just to look for the best odds that will give you better profits. Aside from that, they can also allow you to place your bets through their platform. You can say that it is a convenient way of betting. Other benefits include:


  • They provide advanced betting features you don’t normally find on betting websites. Some make use of API, giving you access to various bookies around the world or provide you with faster withdrawals, among other things.
  • They offer many bonuses, promotions, and other rewards. These exclusive deals are one of the things that most punters look for. They can often be generous, more so when you are a new user. It’s also particularly exciting when huge sports events come up because this is when they give out the best deals.
  • They have many payment options. Most sportsbooks aggregators will provide you with various payment options aside from the usual bank wire payment. You have cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and more.


If you are looking for a trusted and reliable sportsbook aggregator, VOdds, an online betting platform is a perfect choice. We can help you get the most exciting deals for your wagers. So, register with us now!

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