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My account

In this video, we will show you through My account popup, which allows you to manage your account information, view reports of your trades, and set your trading preference.

You can access My account page by clicking on your username on the top right corner of VOdds dashboard after logged in.


To change your account password, select Credentials on the sidebar menu. Under Username/Password section, click Change button. Fill in the required fields and click Save change to save the new password.

Personal Details

To view and update your account information, click Personal Details. On this page, you can view and update your email and mobile number. These details allow VOdds to stay in touch with you regarding your account, thus should be kept up-to-date.

P&L Report

Now, let's look at P/L Report, which will show you your settled orders by statement date. Select the date range of your interest and click View. A quick summary of stake, profit/loss for each statement date within the specified range is shown. Click View orders icon in the Action column, a list of orders will be shown in a new windows. You can also drill down to a list of bets that made up a particular order.

Unsettled Orders

Unsettled Orders report allows you to view all your unsettled orders - orders whose win/loss statuses have not yet been available. Select the date range for which you would like to see the report and click View. A list of unsettled orders will be displayed in a new browser windows. You can also drill down to a list of bets that made up an order.


Next, we go on to Transactions page. Transactions page lists all details of all transactions record on your account. It contains details of any payments or adjustments made to and from your account. Select the date range and click View. A new browser windows will be launched with the list of transactions. You can use the filter to search for transactions of certain types or of certain orders.

Past activities

The last report is Past activities, which will give you details of all activities on your account. Activities include login, logout, all orders requests, even requests which VOdds has been unable to fulfil. As with the previous reports, select the date range and click View. A new browser windows will be launched. In this windows, you can review all activities of your account.


Under Preferences, you can manage how VOdds display information. You can choose to view odds in various odds formats such as Hong Kong or Euro odds. You also have the option to select which sportbook companies you want to trade.

If you have any questions about this video or about VOdds in general, please email [email protected]