Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 21 Oct 2021

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

The 2021-22 NBA season kicked off on Oct 19, with the Milwaukee Bucks ready to defend their first championship title in 50 years,  beating Brooklyn Nets in the first game of the season.


And the second half with Steph Curry posting a triple-double as the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers Lakers.


Fans and punters around the world have already placed their bets for the season’s matches, and there’s a lot more to come!


With VOdds sportsbook aggregator platform, you can view all the odds and matches from the best Asian bookmakers in one dashboard. You can select which NBA 2021-22 games you want to bet on and which bookies you’d like to use.


Sports betting in general poses a lot of challenges, but you can be safer from risks in NBA betting if you do your research accordingly.


One of the many risks in basketball betting is having abnormal bets or void bets on your account. 


Although you won’t lose the money, you will have your stakes returned to you and technically, even if you win the bet, you won’t get the profit because your bet has been voided.


But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll show you how you can avoid these things from happening.



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Here are some updates on the void selection of our partner bookmakers:


21 oct 2021 trading risks
Most of our partners like Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, Betfair, GA288, Penta88, Broker 1, and Broker 2 are all safe from abnormal bets since they all have no history of tagging bets as abnormal or void especially for NBA games.


Both Singbet (Crown) and WLG pose some increase of risks when it comes to tagging multiple bets as abnormal for the past two weeks for both pre-game and in-running bets. If you want to maximize their odds, make sure to follow their terms and conditions.


Meanwhile, SBOBET has been observed to increase their void rate in the past two weeks for both pre-game and in-running bets but don’t worry, you can still use these bookies safely if you request a direct account from VOdds.


Sportsbook Accounts Welcome Bonus


So aside from having a great betting strategy for your next NBA bets, or even for football and tennis matches, you can adjust your sportsbooks preferences so you can avoid having your wagers returned to your account for nothing.


With a great foundation and ample research for your next sports gambling activities, you can be well on your way to become a professional bettor.


Put your additional betting knowledge to the test and log in to your VOdds account today or register now if you don’t have one yet!


Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 21 October 2021.

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