Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks as of 15 July 2021

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

It’s Novak Djokovic and Ashley Barty for Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles in the Wimbledon Finals! Who did you bet on for this year’s grand slam tournament?

Betting on big events like the Wimbledon can be really exciting especially for those who really waited a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic. But before placing any large bets, make sure that you are backed by your risk management strategy.

Here at VOdds, we post regularly about the betting risks involved with some sportsbooks and how you can manage your risk of losing money or having abnormal bets.

Trading Risks 15 July 2021

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For the past few weeks, there have been high amounts of stakes due to the big sporting events that are happening like the EURO2020 Finals (European football), NBA Championships (US basketball), and Wimbledon Finals (international tennis), among many others.

Our experts advised that on your trading account, you can select certain sportsbooks that you want to use for your online sports betting to prevent having void bets or other risks in the long term perspective.

Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, Betfair, GA288, Penta88, Broker 1, and Broker 2 remain safe from tagging bets as void or abnormal.

On the other hand, Singbet (Crown)’s void rate has increased compared to last fortnight.

Meanwhile, if you want to maximize SBOBET and WLG and their great offers, you have to be extra careful since they are classified as high risk because they have a history of voiding winning bets. We noticed that a lot of our users used these two for their EURO Cup bets.

Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 15 July  2021.


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