Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks as of 12 August 2021

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

A lot of football leagues are competing this August and what’s the best thing to do? Enjoy football betting on VOdds and our partner bookies!

With English Premier League (EPL), Russian Premier League (RPL), Ligue 1, UEFA Events, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A 2021-22 already on-going, football fans and punters are betting from different parts of the world.

But before wagering large amounts of money, make sure that you are equipped with data and research to manage your risks in sports trading.

With VOdds’ regular blogs about “Betting Risks” you can monitor the sportsbooks that you are using and how you can avoid abnormal bets and other risks.

trading risks ao 12 aug 2021

Experts from our team have tested out and observed our partner bookmakers for the past two weeks. Although we know that in sports betting, you won’t win all the time, you can avoid losing and having abnormal or invalid bets.

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Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, Betfair, GA288, Penta88, Broker 1, and Broker 2 are all classified as “No Risk” since they never had records of tagging bets as void.

Singbet (Crown) and WLG are both classified as “Low Risk” as both have recently shown significant decrease in their abnormal bet rates so far.


SBOBET on the other hand is still classified as “High Risk” although it surprisingly hasn’t tagged any abnormal or void bets in the past two weeks for both pre-game and in-running bets.

It is important to know the certain risks in football betting so that you will not experience any dilemma when placing your bets on our platform.

If you do experience invalid bets, all the rules and conditions still depend on the bookmakers themselves and VOdds has no control or power to return your voided wagers. You may contact us or the bookmakers that you bet with if you have any concerns.

Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 12 August 2021.


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