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Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Bookmakers offer a wide range of football match outcomes. There are easy and complex outcomes available for you to choose from. 


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In football or soccer goalscorer market, after analyzing the match, you will choose the simplest bets on goals, judging by the statistics. But it is impossible to go into a big plus because of the small coefficients.


Therefore, over time, novice players go deeper and more interested in the outcomes based on their analysis. 


As an example, we can single out the bet on the first goal. In this article, we will analyze this outcome in detail, tell you about all the subtleties of the game and work out a strategy to bet on football goals.


Who will score first?


The first goal in football history was scored by England and Bolton striker Kenyon Davenport. He scored his own goal on September 8, 1888. For this reason, to this day, the first ball in a duel is a “stumbling block” among punters.


Anytime goalscorer bet implies an indication of the team that will be the first to score a goal. Bookmakers often indicate a certain time until which the ball must be scored. For example, the bet “Team 1 will score first and the first goal before 30 minutes” means that the first team must score first. 


Plus, this goal event must be completed before 30 minutes. If a player scores in that time frame, and he/she is in the team that you chose, then your bet wins.


There are also additional outcomes that follow from the above. If in the first case, a goal was scored before a certain minute, we will consider an event in the time interval. If the bet is “Team 1, goal from 1 to 15 minutes“, then the first team of the match must score in this period of time. If this happens in your favor, you win the bet.


And if you want to diversify your experience with bookmakers, you can consider another interesting outcome. 


It is connected with the last goal scored by one of the teams. It’s simple: if you bet that one of the teams will score the last goal, and this really happened, then you win your bet! 


Anytime Goalscorer Betting Tips and Strategy


An important aspect when dealing with these kinds of outcomes is the strategy you applied. To effectively bet on the first goal, you need to consider all the necessary information and football predictions on the teams before the match. There are several important factors to explore:


  1. Teams’ goals for the game
  2. Game style
  3. Recent meetings
  4. Spare bench


Based on statistics, many useful conclusions can be drawn. If a team plays football more aggressively than the other team, the chances are high that this team will score first. Or you can pay attention to the reserve players. Often, they are the ones who decide the course of the battles towards the end of the match.


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