European Handicap vs Asian Handicap

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

One of the most popular betting markets is the Asian handicap, and a lot of newbie punters want to know the difference between European handicap betting and Asian handicap betting and which of the two is more profitable.


In this article we will explore and differentiate the key details behind both.


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European Handicap


To start with European Handicaps, and while it sounds confusing and difficult to understand at first, once you’ve come to terms with it, it’s actually fairly straightforward.


This type of betting is also known as the three-way handicap and typically used in football betting. This market allows you to bet on three possible outcomes. You can handicap the home or away side, negatively or positively, and go for the draw.


If you select the stronger team or who you believe will win on a -1 handicap, this means they have to win by two goals or more in the final score for you to win your bet.


Often the draw will begin with one team, for example Manchester United, at say -1 and the other, for example Chelsea FC, at +1, which means the favourite has a deficit of one goal to begin with. So if they win 1-0, it’s a draw, but if they win by two or more goals, the favourite wins. So essentially the other team wins the game if they win or draw.


Match Handicap Result


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Although it appears a bit tricky and hard to understand how the European handicap works, with plenty of practice and patience you’ll be well on your way to mastering this market.


Asian Handicap


Moving onto Asian Handicaps, this format of wagering essentially aims at eliminating the draw so there can be only two possible outcomes by giving one team a head start and one team a deficit.


The lines offered are typically decimal numbers like -0.5, +0.5, -1.5, +1.5, -2.5 and +2.5, with these half goal handicaps frequently used along with quarter goal handicaps.


Whole goal markets are also available such as -1, +1, -2 and +2. In these cases if you select a -1, your team is required to win by two goals or more for you to win. But if they only win by one, it’s called a “push” and you get your stake refunded.


Handicap Table Results Sample


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To conclude, whether you’re betting on European or Asian Handicap for any sports events, make sure to use the right online bookmaker. You should also do more research and read betting guides and take your time learning the ins and outs of each method and handicap offers.


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