Asian Handicap Odds: What is it and How to read it?

Last updated on December 24th, 2021

Asian handicap betting is a type of wager in Asia. This type of betting is common in sports. The Asian Handicap betting market is a complicated venture. However, once you comprehend the idea, you will have a more critical understanding of football trading as a whole. Handicap refers to the fact that one team enjoys a virtual advantage over the other. Because Asian handicaps preclude the possibility of a tie in a match, there are only two potential outcomes. A number of dispositional and situational variables influence the disparity, including:


  • Home field advantage
  • Player availability – suspensions or injuries
  • Historical performance
  • Financial strength


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Traders and Asian bookies evaluate these elements and use odds – the estimated likelihood of winning a game – to reflect each team’s chances of success. The disparity in the projected abilities between the two sides might be substantial, which leaves the favorite team with low value and limited profits on typical 1X2 markets.


By leveling the competitive environment and eliminating the chance of a draw, Asian Handicap betting markets negate projected ability bias, resulting in greater Asian handicap odds. Assigning a positive or negative goal handicap to each team, based on whether they are considered the favorite (negative) or underdog (positive) is the best way to accomplish this.


How Handicap Asian Odds Betting Works


For football matches, there are numerous possible Asian handicap betting odds. The most frequent are -0.5, -1.0 and +0.5, +1.0. As an example, a score of +0.5 will be given to the underdog side in a match. And because of the +0.5 advantage, the underdog team will be considered the winner of the bet if the match ends in a tie.  If the home team is given a -1.0 handicap, the home team must prevail by two clear goals to win the bet, since they must overcome the -1 goal handicap they have been granted in connection with the bet.


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Football odds today are becoming more and more challenging to read. This is why a lot of people believe that Asian handicap betting comes into its own. And this is especially true when there are comparative imbalances in football games. For instance, one team has a considerably better likelihood of winning the game. This indicates that there are much lower odds on offer, while the underdog has greater and bigger odds.


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